IC 405: Flaming Star Nebula

Tecnosky 80 Apo Triplet
Canon 1200D
Skywatcher EQ6-R
995 min
San Donato (FI), 2019

IC 405 (also known as C31) is a diffused nebula visible in the constellation Auriga.
In the core of the Flaming Star Nebula shines AE Aurigae: a variable star described as "fugitive" since it originated 2,7 million years ago in the region of Orion's Nebula and later on started wandering in the Milky Way.
The nebula shines due to the ionizing radiation emitted by AE Aurigae theat gives the gases their tipical red hue; the blue regions are generated thanks to the reflection of the star light over lots of interstellar dust.
On the left side of the frame there is IC 410 or Tadpoles Nebula. Be aware that the two nebulas are not at the same distance from us (IC 405: 1630 l.y., IC 410: 19640 l.y.), so they appear close to each other due to a matter of perspective.

Awards & Acknowledgements

  • APOD GraG (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) — January 14th, 2020
  • Published on issue number 241 of the "Coelum Astronomy" magazine — January 29th, 2020